Main cast

(Names have been changed)

Adam: My husband of almost four years, partner for three years before that, affair co-conspirator of 18 months before that. 13 years my senior.

Leslie: My husband’s ex-wife and the mother of my step-children.  Prone to moments of total idiocy.

Elizabeth & Harry: Adam’s two teenage children, my step-children. Much easier to call them my kids when speaking about them to someone else – until I mention my eldest is turning 19 this year and they start doing the math…

Rome: My ex-almost fiancée who I dated for five years prior to meeting Adam. 18 years my senior.

Boyd: A much older partner who I dated for a few months between Rome and Adam. 23 years my senior.

Nicholas: A young man who I had a one-night stand with (mostly with my husband’s permission). Three years my junior (unheard of).

More on the great men of my life in Love for life.


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