I am

April 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

I live: well.

I work: my ass off.

I talk: emphatically.

I wish: I was more disciplined.

I enjoy: a good massage.

I look: for the answers.

I find: an increasing abudance of total idiots.

I smell: like Marc Jacob’s Daisy.

I hide: the most vulnerable parts of myself.

I pray: there isn’t a God, because he won’t like me very much.

I walk: to relax.

I write: to stop myself from going insane.

I see: everything.

I sing: when the lyrics resonate with me.

I can: appreciate really good food.

I watch: how people interact with each other.

I yearn: for inner peace.

I daydream: about living in the north of Italy.

I want: everything.

I cry: because I can’t hold it in all the time.

I read: voraciously.

I love: the idea of loving myself.

I sometimes: get it wrong.

I hurt: and I am the only one who can soothe it.

I fear: being alone.

I hope: that I never run out of hope.

I break: the rules when given the opportunity.

I eat: a lot cleaner than I used to.

I quit: giving up.

I bathe: in scalding hot water.

I drink: less and less alcohol these days.

I stop: traffic when I wear red.

I save: what’s left.

I hug: everyone, because I like physical contact.

I am in: a place that is new for me.

I play: as best as I can.

I miss: having less responsibility.

I hold: onto everything.

I forgive: everyone except myself.

I drive: others to get what I want/need.

I learn: when I listen.

I have: a great, enviable life.

I don’t: know how to let go.

I made: out with one of my girlfriends once.

I kiss: with my whole heart.

I believe: in what I feel.

I wait: impatiently.

I need: courage.

I feel: full.

I know: I will survive.

I wonder: how I came to be here and what my purpose is.

I am: Chase.


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