Shiny, sparkly silver

March 12, 2013 § 1 Comment

There once lived a young woman, who was like this shiny, sparkly silver ball – pretty, nice to have and hold, something to be admired and treasured. 

What very few people knew or saw is that underneath each layer of sparkly silver there was a slightly less sparkly layer, and a slightly less sparkly layer.  And as you went deeper and deeper, each layer became less and less sparkly until there were no more layers left and there was just a black lump of coal.  The coal is who she really was; it was the core of her. 

But coal is fragile and crumbles easily, and no one really wants to look at it or touch it because it’s not very pretty and it makes their fingers dirty.  Coal wears away over time without protection.  And so because of these things, somehow when she was a little girl she learned how to make hard layers of shiny, sparkly silver to wrap around the coal.  She kept making more and more until she felt sure that the coal could never be touched, never be damaged. 

Then not only was the coal safe, the silver was so pretty that everyone forgot that there used to be any coal at all – everyone including the little girl who wanted to protect it in the first place.  She forgot what was at her core and could only think about all the other shiny, sparkly silver that was out there in the world.  She lived her whole life like this and every time her latest layer of silver began to wear and lose some of its sparkle and shine, she would build more silver and wrap a new layer around herself. 

Eventually, she realised there were so many layers of silver that the ball she was carrying in her heart started to become heavy.  It was so bulky and hard to move that it started to hurt her.  She realised she had to decide if she wanted to keep building more and more silver and struggle more and more with the weight of it all.  Or she could just stop, go back and start polishing some of the silver that she already had.  Building more silver was easy because she had been doing it her whole life, and so it was fun because she was good at it.  Polishing was more sustainable in the long run, but hard work upfront.  It also meant she had to start breaking some of the layers down to shed some of the weight.  But when she thought about smashing through all the hard layers of silver that she had built to protect her core, it made her very scared.

And because she was scared, she did was she had always done – and built a new layer of silver to wrap around her core, her body, her being.  She shifted the weight of the heavy ball around a little and it felt better, easier to carry, so she told herself that everything would be okay.  Silver wasn’t so bad after all, she said, and her latest layer was so bright and so sparkly and everyone loved so much to look at it and watch it shine…


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