A new chapter

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have just spent the last hour trying to find a pretty layout, and end up deciding on the most basic one there is.  I accept that this is just evidence of my outstanding procrastination.

This is a new blog for me.  It has been active for months with a load of lorem ipsum garbage on the front page so it looked like there was something there until I actually started writing.  I think I have issues with starting a new blog.  Starting a new blog means leaving an old blog which means letting go, in part, of eight years worth of insightful, deeply meaningful writing.  The problem is, as with many blogs these days, that too many people that I actually know go there to read and, really, I want to get back to truthful, honest, raw writing – without having to consider my audience; their reactions and emotions.  A desperate yearning for anonymity once more drives me on, pushes me forward, thrusts me into somewhere new and white and pure.  The sterility and emptiness of a new blog has been overwhelming me for some time.

I come now to confront it, and start a new chapter – in life and in writing.


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